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Belarus is positioned in 53.005389,25.613078. By having a total area of Belarus shares its border with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine sq km, Belarus is the world’s 207,600 biggest country. A definite and finely detailed map of Belarus coupled with general geographical facts are posted down below.

Belarus hosts a handful of specific geographic regions, mostly relating to the provincial regions.

Belarus’s capital city Minsk seems to have a population of 1.8 million people. Major cities other than the capital Minsk include Brest, Hrodna and Orsha. 0 km (landlocked).

Geography of Belarus | Maps of Cities in Belarus | Map of Belarus |
Map of Belarus
Geography of Belarus
Administrative Regions in Belarus: generally flat and contains much marshland

Terrian of Belarus: cold winters, cool and moist summers; transitional between continental and maritime

Belarusian Climate: slightly smaller than Kansas
Other Maps of Belarus
Belarusian Map
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